Wednesday, May 1, 2013

To Hear His Voice

Very interesting, these last few days.  I have had a rush of inspiration starting Sunday morning.  You really just never know how the Lord is going to whisper to you. My inspiration actually came from a very unassuming trigger..... a facebook post from someone I wouldn't necessarily put a whole lot of stock in the typical topics they would normally post - essentially because, although I have a deep love for this person, we rarely see eye-to-eye on matters of life, love and liberty.  Nonetheless, the Lord took this person's post, and hit me over the heart with it.

My inspiration is a ministry and small business opportunity, although, if you don't mind, I'd like to hang on to the details as of now.  So far, only 3 closest to me really have heard me out, and are fully supportive, and "get it."Most of all, these 3 hear God's voice the same way I do, and thus support the idea all the more.

My mind has been reeling.  Back and forth, this way and that, how to and what if.

Then, bam..... tonight, as I'm researching the very basics of what i will need to start, I discover I'm about 2 years and quite a few thousand dollars away from realizing this goal.

Now, I just had a small case of the "Dang....... well, maybe not."  And in the course of writing this blog post to sort of vent my frustration and my life lesson one way, another resolve has set in my heart.

Nevermind the disdain I was feeling.  how about what I'm reading now?!

First of all, two years is no time at all.  And given that there may be fast-forwards and a few set backs, it'll happen in the right amount of perfect timeframing that it is supposed to happen within.

Second, a couple of thousand dollars is a drop in the bucket to God.  "What money?" he asks, "It's my money anyway. Why are you thinking that's going to hold us up?"  Yep, okay.

Now, instantly what had come to my mind was "Well, in two years.... D will be finishing kindergarten, and J will be almost done with 2nd grade..... how do I juggle child care and this other business that my husband wants to do..... what about the ifs and buts in between?"

God said "hush, Katie."

Then....the most interesting part.  My devotion with my son tonight was spot on.

I Samuel 15: 1-3, and 10-22 ..... Samuel had been given instruction to make Saul the king of the Israelites.  Then God told Saul to get busy and wipe out the Amalekites because they needed to be gone.  "WIPE THEM ALL OUT.  LEAVE NOTHING.  TAKE THEIR KING.  KILL THE PEOPLE AND THEIR LIVESTOCK."  Onward they went and fought the battle.  Took it like champs.  Then, once some time had passed, Samuel went to check in.

Baaaaaaaaaaa........ Moooooooooo....... Samuel said "Why do I hear animals? and why do I see the king of the Amalekites chained up over there?" Saul replied saying "Ohhhh well, we wiped out EVERYTHING you said, but you know, we had to have SOMETHING for sacrifice for the Lord, plus we thought you might want to have some fun with the king before he's gone....."

Samuel laid it on him.  "You are in direct disobedience to God.  He said leave nothing.  For this, I am forced to relieve you as king. God sees obedience to be more importance than sacrifice."

All this to say.......... I'm entering into this journey not really sure where its going to take me.  But I'm asking the Lord to tell me what he wants me to do, AND to give me the strength and resolve to do EXACTLY what it is He is asking me, and not veer in my own direction. 

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